Khalil Berro is one of the youngest Swiss contemporary artists. He uses abstraction to express feelings and emotions in his paintings, which can’t be expressed through vocal communication. Berro invents new creatures with abnormally huge extremities and weirdly shaped body parts. These creatures help capture the raw emotions of the characters he portraits and the sociological meaning behind them. He often addresses current events that concern him or the content of scientific papers he’s reading. 

Berro often uses objects from around him to create stencils which he sticks on the canvas and sprays through. Acrylic, oil, spray and watercolour, everything that leaves a mark behind is good enough for him to use for his paintings, which are mostly done one canvas.

He has no fear of experimenting with his subjects and materials, the more different, the better. Berro clashes materials together for his sculptures to create completely new futuristic looking objects. His sculptures show his lifelong fascination for technological objects. Khalil Berro's process of thinking and imagining different worlds shows in his artworks and it`s what makes him such a novel and interesting artist.

 © 2021 Khalil Berro

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