Khalil Berro is one of Switzerland’s youngest and most exciting artists. Berro is known for his unconventional and experimental ways of creating new works. He frequently utilizes his surroundings as grounds for his works. Working to create the most thought-provoking and unfamiliar space practicable. Berro doesn’t shy away from experimentation, he’s passionate about creating new techniques and usages of materials.

Khalil Berro Portrait

Born in Lenzburg, Switzerland in 2003, Berro also has his studio in the small city. A young and artistically unbound creative striving on innovation and creation of works following his vision. Berro bases his works on theories, ideas and impulses, often before creating a new work, he spends his time creating an analytical and deep knowledge of the treated topic. For works as such the Solar Sail which is the current biggest public art project in Switzerland, he enjoys letting nature and his surroundings take the upper hand. 
Berro’s work questions the subjective element in the apprehension of an artwork, shifting the viewer’s focus toward the material, the space surrounding it and its initial liaison with our human feelings and responses. His ability to create and innovate is what makes him such a novel and promising artist.