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Floral Assembly

"Floral Assembly" was installed for the first time at the Trafo Hall in Baden, Switzerland. Together with the Flashlight Event- and Mediatechnik AG, Berro installed a large video wall in the hall. Playing on the videowall in the middle of the hall is a video of flowers blooming, withering and morphing into each other. The video is distorted to such a degree, that there aren't any recognizable elements for the viewer to look at. This makes the installation even more mysterious and raises even more questions to the observer.

Even though the flowers are distorted to a high degree, you still get the feeling of the visuals being nature-like. This creates confusion and curiosity since it doesn't seem animated due to this phenomenon and doesn't seem real due to the high levels of distortion.

Khalil Berro Floral Assembly 5
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly 1
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly 2
Khalil Berro Floral Assembly 3
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